double-end single pole connection terminal block for metering box

double-end single pole connection terminal block for metering box

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In order to improve residential electricity consumption condition, our company develops FJ6/JHD series terminal block .This kind of terminal block enables the operation to be more convenient, and also guarantees reliable connection, and finally reaches the aim of safety
in utilizing electric energy. This products get high appreciation from the energy measuring operators one-meter”and standardization of energy measuring devices as well as standardized management. The products are also honored as national high-quality technological products and are recommended for application by national electric power bureau.

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Application of this terminal block enables house service wire to be separated from meter service wire, which solves the problem of parallel connection. Terminal block cover can be sealed to prevent electricity theft ; Neutral line terminal block can be earthed repeatedly. It is in conformity with the“special, sealed”principle standardization of one-household one-meter. The products re applied in“one-household one-meter”electric energy metering box.


 Structural features


This series of terminal block adopt high-molecular polycarbonate material imported from America. It has advantages of high impact resistance, moisture resistance, favorable insulation; ageing resistance, flame retardant, high temperature resistant, etc..
The binding screw adopts compound recess , which is suitable for flathead screwdriver and crossed screwdriver The products are popular due to compact volume, large capacity, high withstand voltage, reasonable structure, and elegant appearance.

Main Technical Indexes

1、Insulation voltage:660V、50Hz/60Hz
2、Calibrated current:30A(40A)outlet of each circuit
3、Operating temperature:-40℃~+120℃continuously
4、Power frequency withstand voltage:3000V/minute
5、Insulation resistance among terminals:>40MΩ

Main technical parameter
 insulation voltage: 660V50HZ/60HZ
service-entrance conductor currentA/section mm² 100/25150/50200/90250/120300/150400/240
meter-entrance conductor currentA/section mm² 2040/610
power ferquency with standing voltage: 3000V/min
insulation resistance: 30MΩ
ambient temperature: —40 ℃+120 ℃


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